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There has been a rise in popularity in the last few years of people wanting to combine home life and their businesses as we continue to live in a world that intertwines our two separate elements. This is where a shouse can be your savior. For those that are not in the know, a shouse is where there is a workshop or shop attached to your home in which you live, and there are many benefits of shouses

7 Benefits Of Living In A Shouse

A shouse can be a great way to balance your home and working life. So if you are thinking about building a shouse and how it could improve your working and home life, you may be wondering what sort of benefits there are to living in a shouse? Here are some of the benefits of shouses to think about. 

1. Open plan living 

While you can specify how you want your shouse to look and feel, traditionally they are made with open living in mind. This can be a great way to enjoy time with the family and is a living style that has massively grown in popularity in the last few decades. 

2. Energy efficient 

The way a shouse is created means that there the walls have thicker wall cavities which make for extra insulation. This helps to keep heat in your home and stops it from escaping, enabling you to potentially see a reduction in your energy bills. 

3. Built and created for you 

Remember with a shouse they are customed to you and your design. So you have the power to make it suit your needs. You might need a more extensive workshop, some storage rooms, or perhaps want your living space to work a little differently. They are built and created for you. 

4. No commute to and from work

One of the most significant benefits has to be the no commute, right? You get up, enjoy your morning routine, and in a matter of a few steps, you are ready to take on the world in work mode. It gives you the beauty of time, both for your work and home life. 

5. Versatile 

The shouse is versatile and can suit your needs. You can decide what you need and where you want things to go and fit for purpose for you. There is great flexibility in the build and design elements. 

6. Easy to construct 

Nobody wants to wait a long time to move into their new property, and this is where a shouse can deliver on time. They are easy to construct, and the process from start to finish can be speedy. A shouse can come as a kit, so if you feel confident, you could even help construct it. What’s not to love?

7. You can add to them 

Finally, just like you can in most homes if you need more space or the layout isn’t working for you, you can change it or add to it. You might need a bigger workshop or storage as your business expands or more living space, perhaps as your family grows. 

Hopefully, that has given you a better insight into some of the benefits of shouses. 

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