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Our working lives are taking over, especially if you are passionate about what you do. Running a business and being your own boss may have been the dream you have turned into reality. But are you noticing any changes to your lifestyle? Do you find yourself spending more time making things in your workshop than cooking in your kitchen? Perhaps you spend more time in the shop at work and less time chilling out in your living room? Maybe you have more conversations with your customers and less time talking to the family. Does that sound familiar? Your story is not unique. However, there can be a unique answer to it. If you feel like the balance of life is tipping more towards work than home, then perhaps a shouse is for you. But what is a shouse? 

Unique in its design and structure, a shouse is a home that has a workshop, garage, storage room, or shop attached to it. They can be created to suit your needs and requirements. It makes them unique to your business and the structure of home life. The word shouse comes from two words, shop and house, and they have been growing in popularity recently. They are often situated on a piece of land more prevalent to fishing, hunting, or other recreational activity. But the beauty of a shouse is that it can be tailored to meet your requirements and needs. 

You may think to yourself, what is the difference between a shouse and a traditional house with a small garage? A shouse usually includes a more oversized garage or a workshop where evidently your business and work can function to total capacity as it would if it was outside of your home on another location. You can live in a shouse full-time or use it as a weekend or vacation property. This is where the appeal of flexibility is one of the benefits. 

Shouses were introduced in the middle ages but had only recently started to crop up more in the last twenty years. This is likely due to the increase in people choosing to work for themselves. Many people see the opportunity to turn once were hobbies into business ventures, which can be super appealing to do from your own home. Also, our lives can be interspersed between working and home life, and many people crave a balance in those areas. The more there is a demand on our working lives; the more people are looking for solutions to balance things out. A shouse can provide you with that equality. 

Some would describe a shouse as a workshop, shop, or workplace with living quarters. The primary purpose of the shouse is to enable a business to function fruitfully from home. It may be that this could be the answer to your working dilemmas right now. There is a lot of appeal to a shouse, not to mention the significant benefits involved. So it could be something worth considering. Do you think a shouse would work well for you and your business?

what is a shouse