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A shouse is basically a workshop and/or storage space (shop) connected to or including living quarters (house).

Shed + House = Shouse

Also known as “Shop + House = Shouse”.

Other names that shouses are sometimes referred to are:

  • shome (shop + home)
  • barndominium (also known as barndo)
  • pole barn house
  • metal home

Shouses are usually built on acreages or in rural areas and are currently most popular in the Midwest. Special permission must be obtained from local authorities to build in towns, cities and urban areas.

Why Build A Shouse?

There are several benefits to building and living in a shouse, besides the obvious of having everything within one area. Those benefits include:

  1. Great Value – Instead of designing and engineering two separate buildings, you can combine the two at the same time. This also reduces construction costs related to land excavation, pouring of foundations, the labor involved, and landscaping expenses.
  2. Flexible Custom Design – A few construction companies may offer template/cookie cutter shouse design plans, but most shouses are custom designed to the owner’s specifications to accommodate their lifestyle and work functions.
  3. Energy Efficient
  4. Pest Control
  5. See more shouse benefits.