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If you have been thinking about which outdoor structure to put in your backyard next, you’ve probably come across the idea of installing a pavilion. It is common for people to assume that a pavilion is nothing more than a picnic shelter. However, the versatility of pavilions extends far beyond that. 

If done right, backyard pavilions can be an amazing way of adding extra utility to your outdoor living space. A good pavilion will offer a new calming gathering place that can be used for all sorts of gatherings and events.

They increase usable living space

Installing a pavilion in your backyard is like adding an extension to your home. With it, you have a comfortable, new, and dry space where you can enjoy the fresh air year-round. And, if you bring in some cozy outdoor furniture that goes with the interior design of your home, you can really make it feel like an extension of your home.

Keep in mind that a pavilion does not have to be placed in the middle of your yard. There are many other options available. For instance, if you already have an existing deck or patio connected to your home, you can connect a pavilion as an extension. That way, you will not have to walk through the backyard to get to your outdoor living space. You can bring your snacks and toys for your kids outside without ever having to get your shoes dirty. Having a pavilion connected to your home also makes it so guests can come outside without tracking in dirt. As you can see, whether you make use of the versatility of pavilions entirely also depends a bit on your creativity.

The versatility of pavilions extends throughout the whole year

The most obvious and primary benefit of a pavilion is the roof. A pavilion can protect you completely from the harsh sun and rain. With that, your ability to host outdoor gatherings no longer depends on the weather conditions. Instead, it allows you to enjoy barbecues, parties, reunions, etc., no matter the weather.

There are also certain customizations you could install additionally to ensure that your pavilion can be useful in even more situations. For example, you could build a fireplace in your pavilion. This will provide you with extra days in spring and fall to enjoy your outdoor area. On the other hand, planting shrubs and placing flower pots around the pavilion’s edges can provide you with a cool, shady spot to relax with a fresh lemonade during the summer heat. 

Outdoor fireplace in a backyard at night.

Adding a fireplace can increase the versatility of pavilions even further.

Do keep in mind that if you live in an area where you know a season (or at least part of it) like winter is characterized by rainfall or snow, you will need to go with one of two options. You can either buy furniture that you know will be able to resist any storm or rent a self-storage unit to store your things during those couple of months and get them ready for the unit in advance. Preparing items for storage is essential, so be sure to research how to pack them properly. 

A beautiful outdoor dining and hangout area

If your idea of a good time is simply relaxing in a green setting, you should make your pavilion the centerpiece of your landscaping and equip it with a lovely arrangement of cozy outdoor furniture. You can also add some lighting with the help of an electrician, which will allow you to enjoy getting together with friends and family long after the sun goes down.

The outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular home additions in recent years. A large number of Americans find the option of cooking and dining outdoors very appealing. With the installation of a pavilion, you can create a sort of open-air bar and grill that you can enjoy whether it is raining or shining. 

A grill with food on it

Adding a grill to your pavilion can make eating outside even more fun.

They offer poolside shade

Another prevalent use for pavilions is setting them up poolside. When you install a new pavilion poolside, you are adding a comfortable, shaded lounge that can truly transform a basic backyard swimming pool into something special. Many homeowners choose to build a small bar as an addition to it. This makes their poolside pavilion feel like a refreshing hideout.

The versatility of pavilions makes it so that the only limitation to their utility is your imagination. If you have a swimming pool, installing a poolside pavilion next to it does not only add to how it looks. It also gives you the perfect spot of shade after a swim in the hot sun. You can add some curtains for privacy, evening lights, or even a grill for poolside parties.

They can be the focal point of your garden

Gazebos and pavilions are also very popular with gardeners. A custom pavilion can create a beautiful, serene resting place in the middle of your garden. You can decorate it with flower pots and by lining it with small bushes. A pavilion will allow you to sit and rest in the beautiful nature that you made in your garden in comfort.

The benefits you get from having one

Lastly, now that you understand the versatility of pavilions, we would like to go through a couple of the possible benefits of having one:

1. It’s a low-maintenance feature

Unlike things such as a water feature, a pavilion does not require too much upkeep. Of course, just like anything else, it may need some repair from time to time over the years. For instance, if you had a strong storm pass through and damage a part of the roof. Otherwise, it is a solid investment for any homeowner.

Cleaning supplies leaning against the wall.

A regular sweep with a broom and the occasional repair should be enough to keep the pavilion good-looking for a while.

2. It’s easy to install and lasts a long time

Another benefit of having a pavilion in your backyard is that you will be installing it once, often in the span of a day or two, and you will be using it for years to come. And, with the right help, the buying and installation processes can be made very easy. 

3. It adds value to your property

In general, the versatility of pavilions is what makes them such a good investment. Because of the value it adds to your property, and how easy it can be to get one on a budget, you can be sure to get a positive ROI on it. Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter if you plan to sell sooner or later, having a finished landscape is a benefit that attracts many potential homebuyers.