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First impressions mean far more than most people realize, especially when it comes to indoor and outdoor decor. When a back patio does not project a comfortable and inviting look and feel, no one will be drawn to the location, not even the residents of the home or shouse.

It takes more than a sturdy table with an umbrella and comfy chairs to make the area appear friendly and truly welcoming. It must have charm, visual appeal, and welcoming style in addition to comfortable furnishings. Use these easy ways to create an inviting back patio, and add what truly matters when creating your outdoor living area.

Your backyard patio will become a gathering space for family, neighbors, and friends.

Surround it with Foliage and Flowers

Live flowers and foliage immediately add an inviting feel to any outdoor location, especially a back patio. Landscape the adjoining area with low-growing shrubbery and perennials, and add potted annuals of your choice.

backyard flowers

In areas where privacy is desired, add ornamental grass. Choose a variety of blooms that flower at various times of the spring-summer and fall if you want continual color. In any case, keep the area neat and well-manicured. With comfy furnishings, it will be a wonderful place to kick back and unwind and entertain.

Outfit Furnishings with Stylish Weatherproof Throw Pillows

No matter how stylish and comfy outdoor furnishings already are, they can look and feel phenomenal with the addition of weatherproof indoor/outdoor throw pillows. They will repel moisture while adding a splash of color and design to outdoor furnishings.

Backyard Patio with throw pillows

Weatherproof throw pillows are available in colors and styles that are just as appealing as indoor varieties, and they are just as comfortable. They are one of the least expensive ways to make your back patio much more inviting, and they will turn ordinary outdoor seating options into much more impressive furnishings.

Create a Beverage Bar for Outdoor Entertaining

What could be more inviting than a backyard bar? Even if you do not drink or serve alcohol, it is a fabulous outdoor amenity. Snacks, meals, and drinks can be offered and served to family and friends, and the setup does not have to cost a small fortune.

backyard bar

As the photo above shows, you can create a compact bar with blocks and a sturdy weatherproof countertop of your choice. Place a grill nearby for outdoor food preparation. Your outdoor living space will have an inviting look and feel, especially if it is designed as a functional extension of your home.

How To Design A Backyard Patio