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Many people want to combine working and home life and are looking into the option of a shouse. A shouse, typically combining the words shop and house, is where you have your business premises and living quarters together. With more people starting businesses from home, it can be an excellent option to consider. While the process of building can be relatively easy, a big decision to decide upon would be the size.

If truth be told, the average shouse is only limited by your imagination, and of course, your budgets or requirements. However, there are some average shouse sizes that you could consider that could help you with your shouse project or help you decide on what is suitable for you. 

The most common metal building sizes are as follows:

  • 30×30
  • 30×60
  • 50×50
  • 50×60
  • 50×80
  • 60×100
  • 100×200

However it is worth remembering that a shouse is not only a place that you live but also a place that you work, so you will need to factor in both sides of your life to ensure that the space is suitable. 

The sizes that would be suitable for a shouse are likely to be anything from 50×80 upwards. The more practical option being the equivalent of a fitness center size. Obviously, the size you choose will depend on your business and what you need the space for. 

What sort of functions could a 50×80 size shouse do?

This size of the property will most commonly suit someone who needs a small workshop, shop, or office space as part of their living accommodation. 

What sort of functions could a 60×100 size shouse do?

This is a more versatile size and could be easily split into two areas, which makes it perfect to have one area for work and one area for living. This would suit retail businesses as well. 

Anything more extensive than that would depend on the sort of business that you have. 

What you have to remember?

There are other factors to consider when it comes to the size of your shouse. While you can design a unique space that will work for you, there is also the option of land and whether you have the right amount of space to build your chosen shouse, aside from that, whether you will get the necessary permissions for the size of shouse that you want. 

How do I know what size would be suitable?

Many businesses could operate in this format, including shops, auto shops and repair, offices, and retail premises. If you are somebody who is looking to combine their working and home life then finding the right size shouse is what you need to do. The great benefit of a shouse is that it can be designed to suit your needs but if you are unsure then seeking out some advice from people who already live and work in a shouse could prove helpful. 

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of the average size of a shouse is and gives you some ideas on what you need to consider.