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There are so many ways to save money on bedroom furniture. Never feel pressured into buying expensive, store-bought pieces until you have investigated other options.

Here are six money-saving ideas to save on your bedroom furniture purchase.

1. Classified Ads

Check the classifieds section of your newspaper and keep a close eye out for bargains. Sometimes cheap pieces, such as bedside cabinets, beds, chests of drawers and clothes racks are available, so make a list of phone numbers and prices, or contact the advertiser to ask about how much money they are selling for.

2. Auctions

Auctions are a great venue for picking up items of bedroom furniture when you don’t have a lot of money. Make sure to have a clear figure worked out beforehand on how much you are willing to pay for certain pieces, and don’t go over what you can afford. You may be able to contact auctioneers in advance to find out what lots are being offered.

3. DIY

If you are a handyman or a creative type of person, why not consider making some of your own furniture for the bedroom? I know that many technical colleges and night schools offer woodworking classes for all standards and often supply a wide range of tools and machinery in order to complete woodworking and carpentry projects. You may not start with making a wood four-poster bed, but even a simple set of drawers or a nightstand may give you the confidence to tackle more complex pieces on your own. This could save you a lot of money along the way and become part of a profitable hobby.

4. Second-Hand

Pieces of furniture are often available for sale from garage sales and secondhand shops, as well as markets and car boot sales. You may not get a piece that is in perfect condition, but with a bit of sanding and a new coat of lacquer or paint, some dilapidated specimens can scrub up very nicely to find pride of place in your bedroom. Shop for bargains and do a bit of haggling to get the best price you can.

5. Friends & Family

Ask your friends and family if they have spare pieces of unused furniture they may like to get rid of. Unused beds and sets of drawers may be cluttering bedrooms, and you may be able to offer a reasonable price and take them off their hands. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even score a few freebies along the way?

6. Furniture Sales

Keep an eye on the furniture store’s sales throughout the year. Generally, most reputable furniture shops have a post-Stocktake sale and even New Year’s sale where generous discounts are offered for set pieces of furniture.

Scratch and dent sales often prove a great way to save some money by buying items that may have a few minor faults that can be fixed up at home. Don’t be afraid to ask for the best price on pieces, as stores are often trying to get rid of stock to make way for new lines and may be happy to give an extra incentive.

6 Tips To Save Money On Bedroom Furniture