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Decorating your entire house at Christmas doesn’t have to be a daunting task. All it takes is proper planning and knowing where you want to put things and you should be just fine. Here are some pertinent ideas for decorating the inside of your house for Christmas.

The important thing to remember when planning is that your whole house doesn’t have to have one theme. You can choose multiple themes and spread them out to different rooms of your house if you wish to have some variety in your Christmas decorations.

There are many variations on nutcrackers that you can buy from miniature ones to normal-sized ones to life-size nutcrackers bigger than a human. If nutcrackers are what you want to do, consider Steinbach nutcrackers. They are pricey but absolutely unique. If you want to add to your collection slowly, try buying one per year as a new Christmas tradition at your house. Larger nutcrackers can also be ordered online.

Gingerbread houses are wonderful wintertime activities to engage in and make beautiful gifts and elaborate decorations. You can make your own gingerbread house from scratch or buy kits from your local craft store. You can use anything to decorate houses including icing, cotton candy, gumdrops, peppermints, colored sugar, sugar sprinkles, and many more edible items.

If you want to get gingerbread-themed items without using real gingerbread you can do that too with ceramic gingerbread houses or gingerbread man decorations as well.

Greenery and garland are both simple ways to add decorative touches to the inside of your house. Hang simple wreaths on doors for a simple way to add holiday cheer. Wind garland around the handrail of your staircase and columns or even around windows to give the appearance of pine throughout your house.

Add pine-scented elements to go along with the sight by having pine-scented candles or essential oils or incense, whichever you prefer. Pine decorations will give a look and feel of a winter forest this holiday.

Santa Claus and reindeer are cheerful reminders of the season that will always be great for decorating. Whether you get a cheerful Santa sitting in his sleigh or rustic Santa figurines on vacation with a fishing pole, the jolly old elf is a winner every time with holiday decorations in your house.

christmas snow globe

Snow globes and things that move are fascinating collections to decorate your house with during the holidays. Snow globes come in so many varieties and from so many places you can spend your entire life collecting them and never run out of snow globes.

Just like the nutcracker collection, consider a budget each year for how many snow globes you want to purchase and go from there. You can set snow globes on tables, shelves, racks, in cases, where ever they fit. Even better, many snow globes play music adding a dimension to your decorating.