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When analyzing the facts of taking showers and baths to determine which is more beneficial, the conclusion is clear. Soaking for at least 30 minutes in a warm, steamy, bath has tremendous health benefits for men and women. For women, it will prove to be the ultimate beauty tip that you could ever receive.

To begin, soaking in warm or hot water detoxifies the body. Doing this regularly can protect the body from foreign agents. Skin is an organ in itself that can purge the body of germs, bacteria, and infections by sweating them out of your body; similar to a sauna.

If you do decide to soak in hot water, please remember to drink plenty of water before and after to keep you hydrated throughout the purification process.

With a clean body, you will look and feel much better when you look in the mirror. Your face will be brighter, your skin smoother, and your body will feel lighter. These are only a few of the cosmetic benefits that baths have to offer. It will boost your confidence to see the state of your body improving, and confidence looks good on everyone.

Baths also tend to be more of a stress reliever. Stress causes aging. Taking regular baths can slow the effects of aging on the skin. Showers provide the heat and steam that relax the body, but not a complete release. Baths allow the body to rest, free from tension. You can completely give in to your urge to let go.

There is more of a cleanliness factor when it comes to baths. Women especially those who menstruate and are sexually active should make baths habitual after menstruating or engaging in sexual intercourse. Showers don’t seem to reach certain areas and therefore don’t clean certain crevices of the female form.

Taking baths also decreases the instances of vaginal infections and discharges in women. As a woman, you will feel cleaner and fresher throughout the day.

Showers are more time effective but don’t offer as many cosmetic, cleanliness, and health benefits as baths. Perhaps if time is your biggest concern, then taking showers is your best option. However, it would be wise to incorporate at least two baths a week into your regular bathing schedule.

You owe it to yourself to take baths as often as you can. Taking baths not only promote outer beauty but also inner wellness. Women, especially, should be more of an advocate for baths, however, there are health benefits for men and women. Good luck and happy bathing!

Bath vs Showers: Which Are Better?