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Organize the home by setting realistic de-cluttering goals, putting items in permanent spots, using small storage units, and avoiding buying new items.

The dream of having a neat and beautiful home often disappears when the kids start arriving. There will be toys all over the house, food crumbs on the floor and dirty laundry mixed with clean clothes! Some mums get so tired of clearing the same clutter over and over again that they just give up doing it.

Want to make the home look more presentable from the inside? Here are some tips to get organized at home.

1. Set Realistic De-cluttering Goals

Some parents are tempted to clear out all the clutter all at once over one weekend. That’s just courting disaster. Instead, make a list of your goals and work by room or area. For instance, pick one day to start organizing the kitchen, another day the bathrooms, another day the living room, and so on. By doing that, you won’t feel overwhelmed with too much work at the same time.

2. Implement New Household Rules

Whenever old clutters are cleared away, it’s good to implement some new household rules. For instance, school bags belong on the hooks in the bedroom and not the couch, shoes should be on shoe racks and not under the staircase or dirty clothes should be in the laundry basket and not on the floor. Make these rules clear to all family members, including young children. To ensure these new rules are working well, get feedback from family members to see whether the rules actually help or hamper family life.

3. Put Items in Permanent Spots

Clutters are a result of items not having their own permanent spots. How often have you tried to put away a toy or a book only to realize that it doesn’t have its own little home? Too often! This is where storage solutions have a key role to play. Choose containers carefully, the right one for each job.

4. Use Small Storage Units

Contrary to what many parents think, smaller storage units are actually more useful than giant-sized chests and plastic containers. Things are easier to find when they are organized in small spaces. Many smaller containers are sold in bulk. Buy these and label them properly so that everyone in the family knows what items should go to where when they’ve finished using them. Also, consider buying or installing shelves, cabinets, or drawers with multiple smaller storage spaces.

5. Avoid Buying New Items

Avoid buying new items to prevent more clutter in the house. Rent instead of buying if possible. Many items such as fishing gear, camping equipment, and costumes can be rented particularly if they are going to be used only once or twice a year. Alternatively, borrow them from friends or relatives. There will be fewer things to store and maintain, leaving more room in the house for other essential items.

Getting the home organized doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To have a clutter-free house, start by setting realistic goals to clear the clutter. Then implement new household rules to help keep the house organized. Other tips include putting items back in permanent spots, using small storage units, and avoiding buying new items that are hardly going to be used.