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Hosting Easter dinner can get expensive enough without adding a lot of pricey decorations to the bill. Having played hostess for many years, Easter decorating doesn’t require any big changes to your home decor. You can make your home feel welcoming for the holiday with just a few simple touches. Try these quick and cheap ideas for decorating your home for Easter, and hopefully, you’ll also find inspiration for your own inexpensive solutions.

Decorative Window Clings

These colorful window decorations add an instant splash of holiday spirit to your home. Printed on reusable plastic film or gel, these fun pictures and shapes of Easter bunnies, eggs, and chicks are cheap and simple to apply. Visit your local discount, dollar, or party store and buy as few or as many as you like, depending on your budget. For just a few dollars, you can decorate your front storm door or window with an array of holiday images.

Add a few cheerful clings to the dining room window to dress things up for Easter dinner. The clings stick to any glass, so add a few of these Easter eggs or flowers to mirrors, framed pictures, and clear display cabinet doors.

Easter Theme Paper Products

Serving snacks and desserts on cute bunny-shaped paper plates can earn you some amused smiles from the adults and total delight from the kids. Paper napkins printed with Easter themes can add even more holiday cheer. Many brands also print paper towels and tissue boxes with decorative Easter bunnies, carrots, chicks, and more.

Holiday Candy

Buying a holiday silk floral arrangement or other Easter accessories can get expensive. Take a serving bowl from your cabinet, whether pink plastic or ornate crystal and fill it with pastel M&Ms; or jelly beans for an instant festive centerpiece.

You can also decorate an end table with smaller bowls of different types of sweet treats, including foiled chocolate eggs, pastel-colored crackers, and marshmallow bunnies. Watch for holiday sales on candy, including at convenience stores and drug store chains, and look for bulk options to save even more money.

Your Own Home Accessories

The cheapest way to decorate is to raid your own house. Pull all the stuffed animal bunnies and other Easter-colored fluffy toys from your children’s or your collection, and place them around the main floor as decoration. Find those old Easter baskets you’ve saved from previous holidays and fill them with fake grass or shredded tissue paper and some cheap plastic eggs. Gather up any figurines you have that are in a spring theme like flowers, ducks, chicks, and rabbits.

Look for any accessories you own that are in pastel colors. Remove any existing accessories that may be in bolder colors, and replace them with the pastels accessories. Be creative.

Drape a pink crocheted blanket over the sofa, arrange a cluster of pastel vases in the center of the coffee table, or tie all of your floral print scarves into bows on the backs of your dining room chairs. Raid every room, storage cabinet, and closet. You’ll be surprised at all the great stuff you can find